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    CW Green High Beam Quality Fiber Lasers

    -Any wavelength 515 - 561 nm selectable

    -Continuous wavelength tuning (up to 20 nm)

    -Reliable and inexpensive laser source

  • Single Frequency Fiber Lasers

    -Ultra Narrow linewidth (<10 kHz)

    -Wavelength 1030 - 1100 nm, 1535 -1580 nm

    -High output power ( 1-15W)

In Optromix we develop leading-edge laser technologies, optical fiber sensors and optical monitoring systems. We manufacture lasers for customers in different fields of work, such as scientific research and industrial applications. Our products include fiber lasers, Ti:Sapphire lasers, dye lasers, erbium lasers, ytterbium lasers and DPSS lasers.

Our main expertise is in creating advanced laser systems for scientific purposes, namely spectroscopy, optical tweezers, imaging, microscopy, bioinstrumentation and LiDAR.

Optromix delivers top-notch solutions, designed specifically for the unique needs of our customers. We guarantee the highest quality of our fiber laser products.

Our fiber lasers have a broad wavelength range:

  • Ytterbium laser, 1030-1100 nm
  • Erbium laser, 1535-1585 nm
  • Near infrared laser, 780 nm
  • Green laser, 515 nm
  • UV laser, 275.5 nm
  • Tunable Ti:Sapphire and dye lasers, 285-350 nm, 350-525 nm, 695-780 nm, 850-950 nm, 950-1050 nm

Moreover, we offer an advanced auto scanning laser system, T&D scan, which is a perfect fit for nanotechnology-oriented laser spectrometry. Laser system consists of a Ti:Sapphire & dye lasers, which enable it to perform in an extra wide tunable range from 275 nm to 1100 nm. T&D scan can be used for various purposes requiring high spectral resolution, such as nano-technological applications, quantum semiconductor structures studies, meta-materials studies and quality control.

Optromix team has a vast experience in developing highest quality lasers that comply with the world-class requirements and regulations.

Optromix Visible Fiber Lasers is a platform for bio-instrumentation applications requiring visible excitation light sources. They are based on very robust and efficient fiber design and cover all the traditionally used standard wavelengths such as 488, 532, 594, 632 nm and others. Furthermore, they are available at any given wavelength within much of the visible range, providing up to 20 nm continuous tuning range with the possibility to extend it to the entire range available to Optromix fiber technology (460–480, 514–561, and 625–655 nm).

Our key advantages are a new robust and efficient platform in the visible range, unique wavelengths, not available from other types of lasers, and broad continuous tuning range (potentially exceeding 30 nm).

The primary application area of our lasers is in bio-instrumentation, and particularly in those domains of research and industry that are based on fluorescent biological markers. Such techniques are the foundation of flow cytometry and confocal microscopy, however, several other applications, such as DNA sequencing rely on the fluorescence analysis as well. Some methods benefiting from visible excitation sources, such as Raman spectroscopy, do not require the introduction of fluorescent markers because they study directly the properties of different substances.

Non-bioinstrumentation application of Optromix green lasers are more limited, but the technology has the potential of being applied in such applications as ellipsometry (a technique to measure optical properties of thin dielectric films). Other applications are possible, like optical trapping (optical tweezing), optical pumping (a method that uses laser light to prepare a population of atoms, ions, or molecules in a particular quantum state) or photochemistry, however they require another wavelength available from Optromix fiber lasers( Irybus 1060, Erbius 1550m).

The advantage of Optromix Green Fiber lasers for Raman spectroscopy, Flow cytometry, and Confocal Microscopy is determined by their compactness and high energy output (up to 1 W) that eliminates the bulky cooling units. The fiber lasers technology is quite simple and flexible. Therefore, Optromix manufactures lasers not only in the fixed layout for experimental research needs and equipment manufacturers, but also with customized optionally by request. With the superior quality, Optromix prices are one of the lowest in the market.

Optromix is developing this direction since 2003. A wealth of experience is accumulated working with a variety of customers: scientists, developers, and industrial production technologists. That fact defines Optromix constant technology and production improvement.

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